Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Calling time on blogging

Might be what I would entitle this post, were I to be entirely self obsessed and completely melodramatic.

Oh ...

As ever, I am prone to exaggeration. This is no more the end of the blog than it is the end of Mr Jamie wearing my pants on his head. (I thought, having turned 4, he might have grown out of it. It appears not. Not only that, his sister is very clearly following in his footsteps. Why am I not surprised ...)

It is, however, an admittance to my very, very lovely readers that a world of daily blog posts is probably no longer within my reach. I know. Am rubbish.

I've been musing on this for a while, having found myself with less and less time and opportunity to unburden my brain via the medium of this blog with all things random and Mr Jamie related. Which is a shame, because they're bloody hilarious. (The half hour this morning spent discussing why Baby Jesus had a close affinity with 'certificates' would be a case in point. Oh, the mutual relief when we discovered he was actually talking about 'nativities' ...) Alas, real life has something of a habit of getting in the way, and when your laundry pile is higher than your oldest child then it is very clearly time to put down the laptop and get out the Ariel.

(I love the way I have written the end of that last paragraph to make myself sound like some kind of competent parent/wife/clothes washer. To put things into perspective, I've spent the last hour sitting on my arse, drinking Chardonnay and reading Heat magazine. Which is probably why the laundry pile has got quite so gargantuan ...)

So, it is not entirely calling time on blogging, but it is time to admit to a definite slacking off of posting. (I say this. Christmas is coming, with resulting hysteria, which probably means you'll get about a post an hour for the next month or so. Apologies in advance.) I could have just drifted off quietly, but, as you may have gathered, drifting off quietly is so not my style. Besides, for some utterly unknown reason I feel some kind of strange compulsion not to 'let anyone down', given how lovely you've all been to me. It's almost like I'm getting sentimental ...

Which means it is clearly time to end this here. (And put down the wine.) Thank you all for being the most awesomely brilliant blog readers one could ever hope to meet. In a pretendy-non-real-virtual-reality type world. (I fear some possible repetition there ...) I will still be around, and there will still be the occasional glimpses into madness (my favourite ever description of this blog - thank you, whoever it was that wrote it) on here, but it will be on a greatly reduced basis. Which is probably no bad thing. There are only so many 'big black nipples' and front bottoms one blog can take. In the meantime, it will leave me with oodles of spare time, with which to muzzle Mr Jamie, pressure hose the washing pile, and work out exactly how one does open a bottle of wine WITH CORK (how DARE they) in this enlightened, cork free, corkscrew free day and age.

Hic ...


BNM said...

You blog whenever you want to missy - we will still be here. I for one have had noo time to blog either (so honestly not writing one now) and have even less time to read and comment on blogs.
Enjoy Christmas and remember that its always fun to get it out of your head!


Dave Bartlett said...

Laundry? Parenting? Cleaning?

Nah! It's just a phase you're going through. You'll ease off for a little while, then when you realise all the laughs you're having are just too much to NOT share, you'll be blogging 'like in the old days.'

Until then I, like most of your regular readers I'm sure, will be checking regularly, and rejoicing whenever new choice extracts of your crazy life make it as far as your blog.

I look forward to savouring every single morsel.

As our American cousins have a tendency to say: "Missing you already."

Hesperus said...

Don't fret, I very much enjoy reading about your world but you are entitled to not document it if you have something better to do...like..erm...laundry...I'll keep checking in (I'm afraid I never 'follow' anyone, too much commitment!), and look forward to future pearls of wisdom and insanity,Happy Christmas!

KT said...

BNM - sage advice indeed :D

Dave - you are most probably right. I am exceedingly good at 'phases' ;)

Hesperus - Happy Christmas to you too!

Ann Courtney said...

Arrgh! I got behind with my reading an have only just found this - can't say you won't be missed because you will, by me and mine anyway! We've spent many an hour reading your latest out loud - it enhances the experience! ;)Go fill your life with stuff, that's what life is for and if you do produce the occasional blog we'll all be delighted!

KT said...

Thank you Ann. As ever you are incredibly lovely :D


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