Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Careers advice

My thanks for this post have to go to my friend Vic, who incredibly generously wrangles Mr Jamie for me before and after school two days per week while I go to work and have a little quiet lie down under my desk. She reported back on the following conversation, which had taken place in the car on the way to school yesterday. It's nice to know that he doesn't just reserve his madness for his mother...

As she told me, they were discussing the importance of having to go to school so that you could learn about things which would be important when you were a grown up and had to go out to work. Mr Jamie, sat in the back of the car, was obviously musing upon this. Neil and I have had a very similar conversation with him in the past, when we've told him that it's important that he listens in class because if he works hard and learns a lot then he'll have more of a choice when it comes to what job he might want to do when he grows up.

And then this happens. (Names of the children involved have been very deliberately removed to protect the innocent... I don't want to start a riot at the school gate due to my son's utter lack of political correctness.)

'Yes, so that means that Child X and Child Y are going to have really good jobs when they grow up, because they're really clever.'

He thought about it some more.

'But Child Z... Child Z [who, if Mr Jamie is to be believed, struggles a little more academically]... they're going to be REALLY poor.'

Oh god.

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zara may said...

I love your blog


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